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Playing Dhol has increased my sons confidence levels. Gurdev is a great teacher & leader, he is always available for support, guidance & coaching


We have 2 Dhol classes where you can come
and learn Dhol

Classes are term time excl summer holidays where we run as normal
(near Windsor and Maidenhead)

Time : Every Monday 7.15pm-9pm
Address : Lent Rise School, Coulson Way,  SL1 7NP
(near Camberley and Reading)

Time : Every Tuesday 7.15pm-9pm
Address : Garth Hill College, Bull Ln, RG42 2AD

What do
you teach?

Dhol with a focus on Folk Rhythms used in Bhangra Folk dance like Jhummar, Luddi, Dhamaal etc. These rhythms accompany dance steps.

We are passionate Dhol. 

Click here for info on
the ART of Dhol

How do you teach it?

Folk Rhythms need to be played in a way that focuses on technique & dynamic playing

We start from an entry level and build up using our 5-S Model 

Click here for info
on our 5-S Model

Can anyone learn?

Classes are suitable for beginners or those who want to move to a more Folk style.


We will give you honest learning and you are expected to show commitment 

Click here for info
on student commitment

How much does it cost?

There 2 ways to enrol:
1.  Pay Monthly

2.  Pay Annual

Both options require your commitment. The annual fee gives you 2 months free

Click here for info
on learning fees

Get in touch


Sanraj Soor - (Student Age 10)
"Gurdev is one of the best Dhol Mentor’s - his classes are very enjoyable. Practicing Dhol relaxes me and improves my concentration"

Jaz Ubhi - Parent (Josh - Student Age 11)
Gurdev’s individual and group teaching styles have been exceptional. The individual focus has really helped towards the children’s development, discipline and confidence to be able to perform in front of other students and participate in group sessions"

Satty Kundi-Clifford - Student Age 40
"Learning the Dhol is the best decision I made, albeit it has been later on in life due to other commitments. This demonstrates that it is never too late. Gurdev has a very polite, patient and approachable style of teaching whilst putting learners at complete ease.

Mandy Johal - Parent (Harkaran - Student Age 10)
"Dhol collective played both mine and another of my family weddings. They were so easy to deal with and professional, and fantastic on the actual wedding days!!! I was so pleased and Impressed with them that my son is now learning Dhol with Gurdev and has flourished since he started ! Gurdev's commitment and passion shows and he is so invested in my son's development !
Absolutely amazing and cannot recommend them enough ! "


Thanks! Message sent.

For all Dhol learn  inquiries please contact Gurdev.

You can either fill out the form, e-mail me at or call on 07961 178 195


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