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 DHOL fest


Dhol Collective are renowned for their multi-cultural appeal by performing Dhol to mixed genres of music and have a built up a reputation as 'crowd-pleasers' that people of all ages & backgrounds will enjoy. 

Imagine a stage full of Dholplayers pushing out powerful Dhol drumming sounds!

Dhol Collective have a magnetic pull we will draw people in and get them clapping, dancing & smiling and ensure your event is remembered as AMAZING!

DC in Swirl.PNG

No matter what the occasion, Dhol Collective bring the energy! I have seen them a few times now and every time, they blow the roof off! "

We love having Dhol Collective on stage, and they always create an incredible atmosphere - the crowd absolutely love them too. Amazing energy, lovely people and a unique performance

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To book Dhol Collective dhol players for your all important big stage event, simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you with availability and costs

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