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Learning Dhol and Folk Rhythms

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

At Dhol Collective we believe in Dhol Excellence but there's also a really deep connection that all of us at Dhol Collective have with Dhol. It's almost as if the the sound of Dhol is hard coded into our Panjabi DNA and it touches a part of our soul. I'm sure this is also true for other Dholplayers too. At Dhol Collective we've taken the step towards learning and promoting Folk Rhythms on Dhol because to us this is the true art of playing Dhol but also when Dhol is played in this way it sounds sweet & rich it's unlike anything you've heard. At Dhol Collective we're lucky enough to have the support of an Ustad, Legend, Advocate, Teacher, Friend and all round nice guy - Gurvi Kambo. Gurvi Ji guides and teaches us in how to play Dhol and how to play Folk Rhythms on Dhol with all his years of experience. He's also known as Dhol Doctor and you can find him here

Ustad Gurvi Kambo aka Dhol Doctor
Ustad Gurvi Kambo aka Dhol Doctor

It was Gurvi Ji that really inspired me to teach again because for the first time I felt I had something that was important to share. For those that want to learn Dhol and Folk Rhythms with all the passion that we have & that has been passed on to us, then please get in touch or come and see us. Harj and I would love to meet you!

At Dhol Collective we've set up two Dhol classes where you can come and learn Folk Rhythms on Dhol:
  1. Folk Rhythms are used in bhangra folk dance like Jhummar, Luddi, Dhamaal etc. These rhythms accompany dance steps.

  2. Folk Rhythms need to be played in a particular way that focuses on technique & dynamics

  3. This class is suitable for complete beginners or those who want to retrain towards Folk

Slough Burnham Dhol Class | Every Monday 7.30pm-9pm | Cippenham School. Elmshott Lane. SL1 5RB

Camberley Dhol Class | Every Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm | Kings International College. Watchetts Lane. GU15 2PQ 

Get in touch if you want to learn Folk Rhythyms on Dhol. You can contact Gurdev from Dhol Collective on 07961 178 195. The Dhol class is open to all that want to learn.


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