We have two Dhol classes where you can come and learn Folk Rhythms on Dhol:
Time : Every Monday 7.30pm-9pm
Address : Cippenham School, Elmshott Lane, SL1 5RB
When you arrive at the entrance gate press the grey button on the right to open the gate & enter the car park. We are in the main hall. 
2 \    CAMBERLEY        
Time : Every Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm
Address : Kings International College, Watchetts Drive, GU15 2PQ
When you arrive in the car park head towards the Fins Swimming Club. We are in the dance & drama studio building.    


What do
you teach?

Dhol with a focus on Folk Rhythms used in Bhangra Folk dance like Jhummar, Luddi, Dhamaal etc. These rhythms accompany dance steps.

We are passionate about the Art of Dhol. Our programme is built to cover these rhythms to give you more authentic knowledge

Click here for info on the ART of Dhol

Can anyone learn?

Classes are suitable for complete beginners or those who want to move towards a more Folk style of playing Dhol.


Anyone from any background is welcome to attend the class with a 2-Way commitment. We will give you open & honest learning and you are expected to bring your A-Game as a student

Click here for info on student commitment

How do you teach it?

Folk Rhythms need to be played in a particular way that focuses on technique & dynamic playing

Our programme is constructed with these concepts in mind. We start from an entry level and build up using our 5-S Model 

Click here for info on our 5-S Model

How much does it cost?

There is a fixed membership fee and two methods to enrol and learn Dhol with us:

1.  Pay As You Go
2.  Dhol-velopment +

These options have been made available to offer flexibility around your time but also to support your commitment & passion


Click here for info
on learning fees

How do you support me?

Everyone has a different learning style and level of ability

We are committed to your Dhol-velopment so we operate classes and an online platform (for members only). This means you get more high quality support 


Click here for info on our Dhol-velopment +


Do I need my own Dhol?

Your Dhol is your 'Saaj' (partner). Like a Jedi has a lightsaber, you must have your own Dhol.


Worry not! Dhol Collective offer a try before you buy and the first lesson is FREE. This means you can have a go before you commit to buying a Dhol. Contact Gurdev to confirm availability

What's more Dhol Collective sell high quality Dhols at discounted rates to members so you're supported with us


For all Dhol lesson inquiries please contact Gurdev

E \ Gurdev@dholcollective.com

T \ 07961 178 195

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For Bookings call Harj: 07711 229 563

For Lessons call Gurdev: 07961 178 195