We are passionate about the Art of Dhol but how do you know if you are too?
What is your why that ultimately drives your journey? 

To help we have created a breakdown of the ART: 


You think Dhol is AWESOME!
It lifts you up and makes you feel good. It's a feeling that pulls you towards to it. You have respect and appreciation for it


You take a step to have connection or rapport with Dhol.
You find yourself researching Dhol, attending a workshop or even buying a Dhol drum


Now you're serious and you want to ‘Jurr’ (Join) with it. 
So you look for an experienced teacher with a lineage of the narrative. 
You submit and become a student to go on a journey to learn & discover


A true ARTIST subscribes to the ART (Awe, Rapport & Truth) and combines this with 100% Commitment to be an ART-IST (I'll Stick To-it)

5-S Dhol-velopment Model

Folk Rhythms need to be played in a particular way that focuses on technique & dynamic playing. Our programme is constructed with these concepts in mind. We start from an entry level and build up using our
5-S Model. The 5-S Model covers key areas of a Dholplayers skillset required to play Dhol


Structure      Speed      Strength      Stamina      Swing   


Our 5-S model gives us a clear way to provide you with clear feedback, guidance and exercises to improve your Dholplaying 


Learning Dhol is enhanced through utilising both visualauditory cues designed to help you understand and remember your lessons    

Student Commitment

Classes are suitable for complete beginners or those who want to move towards a more Folk style of playing Dhol. Anyone from any background is welcome to attend the class with a 2-Way commitment: 

  • We will give you open & honest learning through our structured approach 

  • You are expected to bring your A-Game as a student which means you will be

Coachable   Committed   Consistent   Creative  


20% of your Dhol-velopment happens in the class and 80% at home - the real magic happens when you practice and push yourself.

The secret to Greatness is Habit  

Plans & Pricing

There is a fixed membership fee (which includes a welcome pack of a Dhol Collective T Shirt and lesson folder) 

You then have one of two methods to enrol and learn Dhol with us. 

Please note - Once a plan is selected it can only be switched once in a 12 month period, 

Pay As
You Go

Pay As You Go

for those looking for flexibility

You pay a fixed fee per session (£15) and you get

1. Member discounts on Merch, Dhols and Spares & Repairs 

2. Attend the class on your chosen day to review your progress & receive a lesson

Pay Monthly


for those who want to maximise their access to classes & support

You pay a fixed monthly fee (£40) and get more support: 

1. Member discounts on Merch, Dhols and Spares & Repairs 

2. Access to all classes including other locations

3. Access to the student online platform a 24/7 resource of lessons and exercises   

For Bookings call Harj: 07711 229 563

For Lessons call Gurdev: 07961 178 195